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Hello and Welcome to my Blog, my name is Adrian.

This is For Grandad’s everywhere affected by separation.

This is a insight to my life with and without my Grandson.

Our little Grandson had a massive connection with my wife and I, then one day without warning he was taken away from us through a relationship breakup.

This little boy spent most of his first three years living with us and the impact on the loss of him not being around is absolutely crushing to my mind and soul.

Its like a bereavement in my life and at the time of the separation our little Ace was so upset because the bond he had with Grandma and myself was IMMENSE.

We have been stopped from having contact with my little Ace, why, i don’t know. Sadly i think i’m going to miss his growing up years and this is a disgrace to my Grandson and to us. I had so many treasured moments with my little Ace, he filled my life.

I try even to avoid places i went with him and even shops i use to buy his daily treats.

This Blog is for my Grandson, so one day when he is old enough he will know he is loved so very much.

Hoping this Blog will be a Beacon of Light for me, my Grandson and others who read it.