Heartland Greatness x

Hi ya,

its quite early for me being 5:45 am on this rainy Monday morning. I just fancied a cup of tea ,so I’m here writing to you . You like ? 🤗. It’s dark outside, the early light starts to the days have gone and I’m slowly realising our new season is here.

I’ve switched the television on and do you know what I’m watching??. Have you guessed yet? Well it’s a series that I love 💕 and I watch it over and over again. Yes it’s so me !😊. If you haven’t guessed it’s “ Heartland “. This is the series on Netflix being season 12.. yes I’ve started to rewatch this same season. It’s as good as ever but I tiny weeny bit feel short changed or even cheated by the makers of this wonderful Canadian programme. It’s only 11 episodes long !!!

All the way through this fantastic series of events, through the years since it started we’ve been honoured with 18!!! Yes 18 episodes in anyone season. What is going on with the producers over there?.

Their showing season 13 now in the Big country and I can’t see there being 18 anymore. Unless of course there’s been an outcry over there. Yes so I’m rewatching season 12 .

Arh brew time …

I ponder what I’m going to do with my physical well being.

Right this moment I’m going to do some leg stretching, hamstrings and tendons.

Long term …. I think something a little gentler on my joints, perhaps swimming. Tai Chi is definitely in my future, I just need to slot into my day on a Monday. I’ve not experienced anything like it for calmness. I remember taking part in this activity when I was a whole lot younger and if touched me then too.  I can see a future in it for me.

My local gym offer some interesting classes, so is a good option too.*** But Blast Boot Camp beacons me … it always will. My physio ‘Rick Stock’ thinks I shouldn’t right off going back to boot camp  .. I was starting too.. hmm    ~ I do love it . I’ve sent a message through to the admin team for some contact , maybe a coffee and a chat. Up this late hour I’ve had nothing…

Alex , it’s now 6:13 in the morning . Are you still asleep 💤. I reckon you will be , well at the this moment in time anyway.If you’re reading this in years to come.Well you could be thirty years young now , I don’t really know. You might never read anything of these pages.. Hmmm.. that would be sad , you not knowing me . I dread the thought. As long as you lead a healthy, happy, interesting, caring for others, caring for the environment kind of life, you’ll be ok❤️😁.

Well all my Dear friends and Alex, and my little folk around me. Have the most delicious day xxxx.

Take some courageously beautiful steps , Smile inside and out ! 💕.

from my heartland to yours!

Adrian Supersonic x

edited ***


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