2 Weeks until your Birthday my little Ace x

Hi ya ,

yes its 2 Glorious weeks until your 9th Birthday my little Ray of brightness , my little Alex.

Yes exactly 14 days until the party begins, well I hope anyway. I hope you have loads and loads of massive, explosive Fun 🌟.

Then of course it’s another 7 days after your Birthday we , Grandma and myself are popping over the water or the airwaves as we are flying John Lennon airport to see you. Magical 🌟💕🌟.

We probably won’t be allowed to buy you a present as we don’t want to be seen as buying your affection.Hells bells it’s your Birthday for crying out loud!😜.

Well my day today has been a Supersonic sort of day. .. yes it’s been great. .. but I’m afraid I’m going have relive my moments another time as in tomorrow hopefully. I’m pretty tired this evening 😊💕👌

Saturday 7th September/ time 9:36pm.

From my Heart to yours

Adrian Supersonic x

Hi I’m back on this lovely fresh Sunday morning. We have a mixed sky of scattered clouds of whitey grey , the sun is shining with sheets of blueness behind. We have the second day of Southport Air Show , so hopefully we’ll see heavy metal flying through the skies. The local residents of Hesketh Bank took lots of photographs yesterday which where displayed on social media networks over recent hours. They looked good.

Overnight we had little Alfie staying over, he’s such a treasure. I was definitely asleep before him last night, him being a little live wire😊.  Talking Birthdays it’ll be Alfie’s  Birthday in January and he’ll be ripe young age of 2. 😊.

Yesterday was for some reason a special day. I guess all my days are special. I’m grateful for what I have.I have lots to absorb myself into . Writing is key, smiling is key, enjoying moments with my friends and letting go of my insecurities is key .

It felt good to listen to nothing but Kip Moore on cd (wild ones ‘ album) in my works van whilst also working away with my mates Ben & Stewart . A quite refreshing day to say the least.

Kip Moore is a Rock , soulful country singer I took a chance on buying one of cd’s from Southport’s HMV ~ before it sadly closed.  Yes I like him. Please anyone who has the pleasure of witnessing his awesomeness on stage this year whilst bobbing in and out of the 🇬🇧 Uk please stand up and tell your story!👌😊.

Step by step , day by day life is getting better. It needs to be too, I don’t want to be moving into the wetter cold season of grey skies , oh heck even the mention of these send a shiver down my spine. So to have a healthy mind and spirit is paramount for me🥰❤️. As for my physical well-being my direction has been decided yet .. x

My inner smile is showing it’s self , thank goodness.

Anyway less about me and more about you ! 😘👌. You the reader.. are you shining example Of who you want to be ? Are you touching peoples lives the way you want to be? . I could say I’ve decided to stop searching for a better version of me because I am he .My counsellor says “ I am ENOUGH “.  There is a shift within me , not sure what that is , my light has started to shine again . Yes sure there is things I need to be stronger in, like assertiveness.. self love. Oh heck I’m not going any further into this. 😂

Hmm…just had a small Glass of Dandelion and Burdock pop, what a fabulous pop to take me back to childhood memories 👌😘.

I’m going to wish you a brilliant day comes your way today and always.

Take Care

love yourself and others close by,

Hugs from me

Adrian xx

Sunday 8th September 2019 Time 11:55am

edited *** date and time


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