Hello Beautiful September x

Hello Beautiful September!🤗.

are you looking forward to embracing September or are you thinking oh heck the seasons are changing, it’s cooler, wetter, darker earlier. There is certainly signs of wild geese in the fields .

Hey though , there’s still lovely flowers in the gardens like Rudbeckia or some call it black eyed Suzy 😄!. Gosh I even saw a witch hazel bush in flower the other day , normally in flower in the coldest months like January.

September for me this time round means much more than usual I guess.

Tonight has been great in my lovely line dance evening at Western Express in Preston.  The numbers were down this evening by approximately 20 people and this makes a difference on the evening but even so it’s great to get on the dance floor and strut my stuff so to speak.😂. Well strut I’m not sure is the right word , more like just enjoy the movement and steps in line amongst my new friends 👌.

Simple. I was fairly tired tonight after not sleeping too well last night. I really wasn’t on form on the dance floor but I enjoyed the company of my friends ❤️.

Septembers here and I’m looking forward to the enjoying the moments . Life is starting to feel a little brighter . I wonder do people actually think about life and who they are or do they pretend they know who they are .  Perhaps that’s the way ?😜🤷🏼‍♂️. I’m not talking about it . Just gonna enjoy the moments.

Yes enjoy my moments and there is some to enjoy 😊. Thank you my lovely people in my life👌🌟💕.

Putting me first a new religion, believing in me , gee when will it come ?😊😜. I certainly believe in something , there is a goodness inside me 🥰 but just feel like I’m in uncharted waters! . Does anyone else feel like this??.

Sparkly moments over last few days having little Alfie fall asleep on my chest of an evening. I’ll miss him when he goes back home to live with his family .

On with September, I have the Wild1’s social coming up on the 15th , Starring Amy Morgan,

  • Alex’s Birthday on 21st  ~ 9 years old this time ❤️
  • Our visit to Isle of Man 🇮🇲 on 28th. Special moments with Alex ❤️

And all the silver and gold moments of inter connecting with my lovely friends and one or two newish customers who have become good friends.

It certainly helps being my authentic self , when people warm to me its one great feeling.❤️.

Anyway my Dear Friends I’m going now, going to enjoy my day .. so sending you smiles and hugs for a fabulous day.

From my Heart to yours ❤️.


wednesday 4th September , 8:30 am 2019

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