Another Great Day x

Hi Alex and Friends

Its Tuesday morning, the day after the August Bank Holiday.

The sun is shining this morning and I’m so so pleased of this.

Lets see how many smiles I can give and receive today 😁😁😁.

I’m back in Tom’s Garden today, finishing his patio enlargement amongst the other jobs he has for us.

what lovely customers these people are. I said as soon as I met this guy , I thought there was something very special about our relationship. He’s a very pleasant guy and his wife Louise is equally as sparkly.🌟😁.

Well my Tuesday Trooper’s , hope you have the most delicious day. So delicious that you want to hold it with both hands and taste every  mouth watering ouzel!.  🥰.

I’m currently listening to ‘ Zac Brown Band ‘/ Little big town and Kip Moore ‘whilst writing these few magnificent words .

Stewpot has just turned up so it’s time to play I guess 🤣.

Oow it’s the highlight of my week tonight. Oh yes I’m so looking forward to spending time with my new friends at linedancing this evening 😁x. Bearing in mind I had little sleep last night. Arh I’m thinking positive, can’t you tell !!! ❤️

Oow not long now before we travel to Isle of Man 🇮🇲 to spend quality time with our bright star x. Just a little over 4 weeks and it’ll ‘fly like a bird’  😂🕺💃😁. ( for those who don’t know it’s a line dance!)

Love ya on my journey..

from my heart to yours



Tuesday 27th August 2019 time 9am.

🌟all words written in my own experiences🌟

edited*** date and time


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