Refreshing days past & present x.

Hi Guys,

My Sweet Friends, My Grandson Alex And everyone that knows me, I hope your recent days past like mine have been good!?. So good that it makes a difference to way you look at life in this very moment ❤️.

( Saturday 24th August 2019. ~ time 6pm.)

Hiya !

Its now Sunday and Sun ☀️ has been shining on this great day. Susan’s Birthday for one thing. So Susan have a very Happy Birthday xx .

Yes it’s been pleasant. Last night we went for tea to San Marco’s in Much Hoole and we had the company our Grandson Bailey.  We’ve been spending time with Bailey over lots of weekend days either a Saturday or a Sunday. He comes over and we choose a film together ,usually on Netflix and stays for his tea . ***Our last film , well I chose and I don’t really think it gripped Bailey was “ Fisherman’s Friends “ . It’s about a group of Cornish fishermen who sing sea shanties. I liked it for its humour and little romance. A mixture of  tears of joy and giggles. Right good. And of course it’s a true story, so that helps. So getting back on track with our weekends . If Bailey arrives on a Sunday he has a plate full of Grandma’s home made Yorkshire puddings which Bailey has called them gravy cups from a younger age. Novel I must say!.

A little snippet of information for you . Bailey has his sights on creating some films with his friends, so I look forward to seeing to fruition. Erm .. don’t ask me to talk into a camera 😂, gee whiz… I don’t half feel like a fool!  Maybe I’ll do it one day .Ive certainly tried taking short videos of myself and heck I sound awful 😄. Maybe it’ll just take practice, have you ever thought of doing a short video of yourself in whatever takes your fancy?? X.

Back to San Marco’s, it was ok . The food was tasty but a little pricey. Especially when they tried to charge me extra , like another £50 extra!. They’d doubled up of a couple of meals,  Mmm. I think a another visit to the flying fish is called for or the Dolphin by its proper name.

Well today, Susan and I went blackberry picking on her ol’ Dads plot of land this morning, in temperatures of 33 , mega hot . It was good to spend some time together doing something .x The land at the moment is a wild patch of grass and brambles. It was once a market garden when Jack was alive and I believe the whole family of children as Susan puts it , were made to work tirelessly from the young age of four years old. Susan recalls picking up stones behind her dads tractor whilst he was ploughing  the field. When Jack purchased the land it was an mature orchard of many of a different kind of apple tree. So Jack began to clear the site of all trees and created his new business from there.

End of the history lesson!😄.

After Blackberry picking We then came home to a nice quiet house with no Nathan at home. Arh .. nice . So it called for a bit of reading , a bit of cleaning around the house for when my Sister ‘Louise ‘ and her boyfriend where due to call this afternoon for tea. Louise arrived and  it was good to have her over for tea but her mobility is nothing short of being very poor. I’m glad we as a family her placed in a care home in Southport especially for people with special needs. She gets more support especially of a night time.

These few words are being written whilst I sit in the back garden , listening to all the sounds like aeroplanes ✈️ in the distant skies. My pond also with its splashing 💦through the lush water plants, trickle, splish  splash 😄 🐟💚. The odd car going past which I’m not entirely sure my ears wanted to hear these vibrations . No I was hoping to express cheeriness of bird song And flashes of golden yellow of the wings of the many goldfinches and of the noisiest squabbling  of the sparrows!😄. I’m afraid not, it must be too hot for them .

I’m waiting for Poldark to come tv ,  so I’ll put these words into  drafts once again.. I’ll  be back !, as Arny says! 👌.

Yes I’m here again. Finally I just want to say my continued Journey of self discovery, love , humour, confidence,Sparkly moments, marvellous connections with all my friends new and old are flowing true and strong. I thank all who make my journey a pleasure  whether you know it or not xx.

lots of 💕 love

Adrian on my Sparkly journey 🌟

Sunday 25th August 2019 Time: 10:10 pm

edited *** date and time

🌟 All words written in my experiences 🌟






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