Mind blowing connections x

Hi my Dear Friends and Munchkin no’ 1 , mmm ..

Alfie ( you’re step brother) has been with us this evening. Yes I’ve said how Alfie reminds me so much of you. He’s definitely a cheeky monkey!.😘. We also had little Ella here too. It’s great to have her around. She seems to have a calming influence over Nathan that’s staying with us.

I’m here to tell you about my evening .  Yes it was great down at line dancing this evening in PRESTON. The group of people I sit with are so welcoming and interesting.

Our Teacher is fabulous and I’ve missed her over the last couple of weeks whilst she’s been on holiday with her family. So pleased Donna is back.

The rest of group of people are so friendly, I’ve spoken to and made friends with some really lovely people and some them have been missing over the last couple of weeks too. Yes ! , there back and my evening was complete. Complete , apart from a thought that dropped into my head about another marvellous group of people that are missing from my life. My Boot Camp boys. Yes I miss them, I miss their humour ,their positive attitudes, their support. It all makes to brightening up my life. Until I get the results of my X-ray on my knees I’m resting them.

Without the boys knowing, the coaches and the lads contribute much to my life , as  well as my Friends Irene and Claire who me  introduced me to the line dance class on a Tuesday evening. I feel like these people and the class have always been been part of my life. It just feels right if you know what I mean. I just feel so content with everything.  Being truthful though, I was a little unsettled until I started dancing properly. I have to make more of an effort to get on the dance floor and learn more.

I send everyone concerned an amazing Smile  & thanks xx.

In work too I’m connecting with some new clients which is uplifting .

I would say I’m surrounding myself with good people, positive people. It all helps to bring a good feeling to my being.

So thank you to you dear people if your reading this , if your not, it doesn’t matter . One day you’ll know or you might even know now from my presence of me on the fringes of your life.

Its now nearly midnight and Grandma is watching her program of the moment “ Stranger Things”.  It’s on whilst I’m writing these few words . I’ve just finished my cup of Earl Grey tea and I’m getting pretty tired.

I’ve all my important stuff has been said I think, so I’m gonna leave you there.

I hope you Alex have had a super Playful time today as well as you older guys!😜😘. A life full of interest and care for others as well as yourself.

Take care People

Love ya,

Hug someone, smile at someone, and care .

Adrian xxx

Time : 00:01 Wednesday am . 21st August 2019.




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