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Hi Guys

Yes thanks for taking time to read the odd word , paragraph, story of mine😜👌😍.

Hope you’ve had a creative day. What have you been doing ? . Have you brought any smiles or sparkles to anyone close or not close, maybe a total stranger that’s crossed your  path today. Sometimes opening the door for someone, giving someone an helping hand. Just giving someone a warm smile brightens up someone’s life. They might carry it with them all day spreading the warmth on and on . Just think of that !😍. Fabulous hey 🌟. An ever spreading joy. A really nice thought.

One day last week, erm don’t ask me what day it was because I’m really not sure. All I remember is I helped an elderly man with a walking stick, he dropped a five pound note on the floor whilst in one our local shops. I picked it up for him. It gave me a little lift and him too.

Yes i know it was only something really small but for me it was a little step forward for me . Arh it all helps towards making world a better place. I’m sure anyone would do the right thing anyway.

My day has been good . I’ve not actually got my hands dirty with the mucky stuff. I met and had conversations with 3 customers today, done some paperwork, had physio , had my session with Gillian my counsellor, which incidentally was good …. I’m still looking for the right word to describe it my session today ..mmm. I’ll Let you know in a minute.. 🤔.

Still thinking how to put a label on my session…. errr let’s say its probably the only time I’ve discussed and opened up fully on my childhood in depth and stuff that went on or didn’t go on ! .

Gillian is a fabulous counsellor. I wasn’t sure whether to chat about her and my time with her. But I think mental health should be spoken about in a healthy way. A positive way, in a positive light🌟.

So anyone who is going through a tough time, I think counsellor’s are good. They see things in a balanced way and help one through the pitfalls of our minds. Yes sure best friends are good too but professional help is second is non 🌟❤️.

On this note I’m going to leave you now. Whatever you are doing , be who you are, be kind to yourself… my counsellor says “ I am enough “ . I struggle with that to be honest. All I can do is live one day as a time and live in THE NOW ❤️. Yes LIVE IN THE NOW ! .

Hot love from me ,

take care


a Husband, Friend, a good friend I hope ! , Brother, son, Step-Grandad, brother in law, a uncle , Country music lover, lover of nature, passionate gardener , passionate seeker of life’s sparkles ,


Monday 19th August 2019 Time: 9pm.

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