You light up my life x

Hiya Alex and friends x,

I’m lay here on my bed whilst waiting for my bath to fill with glorious hot water. Mmm…I really need a back massage and a bath so deep it takes my aches away. 😁

There I have it , the bath is ready , well it’s too the right depth. It’s probably way too hot , So I’ll let it cool down.  I think Grandma Sue has made some tea, so I’ll have that and then soak away.

Yes well I’m out of the bath after a nice soak but hmmm .. I’m still aching in my back . I think some back stretches are calling me  as well as some hamstring exercises.  I need to get back into action after deciding to put Boot Camp on hold. My thoughts on this are , ‘ I hope I get back there exercising with the boys.’.

This evening is a damp one , we’ve had some stormy weather lately with lightening last night . Hmmm .. the weather is definitely going backwards at the moment.

Anyway my Dear Friends of my life , I’m here to tell you I love ya, I’m glad we’ve crossed paths. I’m glad I’m touching peoples lives with this blog site. I’ve had positive responses back off people who say I give them hope and inspiration, arhhh .. I’m touched that my writings , my thoughts touch you in such away.

Today I’ve had a Top of the world Sparkly moment. You know what it was ???. Arhhh … holding little Alfie in my arms and rocking him to sleep. These moments I cherish dearly, these moments I have close in my thoughts of you Alex . Holding you and rocking to sleep. Taking you out of ear shot of any screaming and shouting that was going on in your little life at the time. Alfie reminds me so much of you my little love.

Yes he’s definitely a little monkey!😘. Is this saying you were a monkey  erm.. you possibly were.😘😊. But I love you so much. I hope our love grows into something we can share together in our own experiences sometime in the future. Oow looking forward to this xx.

Signing off  6th August 2019  👌My Dads Birthday 🎁 Happy 87th Birthday Dad 👌⭐️👌..❤️..



🌟Continued writings on this beautiful Sunday morning ( 18th August 2019) after having these few paragraphs on hold and slotted safely into my drafts.

Yes so I thought I’d come back to you. I’m up and have been for a while. The sun is actually out playing today, oh goody. I’m on my second cup of coffee and watching my favourite Canadian tv show “ “Heartland “. Yes I like it. I’m currently watching season 12 ! . Call me a sad case if you like as I’ve watched seasons 1 to 11 twice now and this is some watching!. Oh my ! , I’ve got to tell ya this . In season 11, episode 18 , there was the funniest scene. Still makes me chuckle now. This is were Ty and Caleb swap two different long horn bulls from different ranches  in the dead of night !. Oh well it made me chuckle anyway!.. x .

Erm .. am I talking to much ?. 🙃. Don’t say yes !? 😂😘.

One thing I did want to touch on was the emerging change in the seasons. Yes the change is coming… mmm as soon as I saw the rolled up bales of straw back in July I thought “hey up , here we go , the year is moving on into the new season and the geese will soon be here . As it is  now our local population of resident Canada geese are getting restless , swirling through the low skies calling out to one another. Yes the seasons are moving on , just like life ever changing. All good. ❤️

Getting back to the straw bales .Way back when I was a kid .. mmmm how many years was this ?. Oh my I’m not even gonna tell ya or am I . I’ve nothing to hide.. probably looking at some 45 years ago…as a 10 year old kid,  heck ! .Geez whiz have I been living on this planet this long and plus another Ten years on top of this!.

Yes straw bales , stop getting side tracked Adrian!. I remember playing in the fields way back when I was a little one. The bales were of an oblong shape and stacked pretty high. Mm.. even just running through the fields of almost anything that grew in them , like carrots and some of the biggest ones I’ve ever seen. Oh yes there was many a goose in those fields back then munching on carrot tops. Yes these days of innocence and not a care in the world, just having fun whether on my own or with the odd friend I had at the time. Jumping ditches was another pastime, this wasn’t always successful. There was a odd time when I went home soaking wet through ~ oh those were  days of my childhood ,the odd few days I wish to remember. I had a few I guess but I’d certainly say I had a strange or unusual upbringing.

I’m here now, I’ve come through with an intriguing lust for what sparkles in life. Gee whiz I’m not a Magpie am I ??😁😂. What makes you happy from way back in your childhood days? Picnics with friends or mum and dad? Treasure trails? Bike rides with your friends?? You tell me ! I await your stories 👌💫❤️.

I know I’m not a professional writer and I don’t wish to be . I probably make loads of mistakes that make my readers scream . All I know is I’m writing because it’s good for me, I like it. I like it that you are reading . If I’m helping someone else along the way that’s even better.

I’m signing off now, so have a super funky sunshine day  . Make each step of your day be a good one. Having faith From me to you.

From my Heart to yours .

Adrian with sunshine smiles 🌝.

Sunday 18th August 2019 . Time 11am.

*** edited, tweaked with , turned upside down, you get my drift!.



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