Happy Magpie shirt, no’7 x

Hi ya

Me again on this grey Saturday afternoon. Today has been a day of rest  after a full evening yesterday on the tiles with my friends, Blue Skies team members past and present!. We also had present my friend and colleague Stewart and my friend Andy my website and computer whiz kid. Funny guys, it was a great night and I’m glad everyone eagerly wanted to venture out for the evening.

It was a fabulous evening of letting go and having fun . We had Phill who wanted to sing “ highway to hell “on karaoke from the moment he knew it was karaoke night. He got his wish . In fact he was good and yes I have it on video of him having loads of fun. Yes I was a little tipsy in these few hours of togetherness.

Well my little wonder of life how you doing today. What  exactly have you been up today.? Have you been out anywhere? With your Mum or step dad.? . Or your other Grandparents. Arh I’m so pleased you are looking so happy and balanced and happy to connect with Grandma and myself.

We’ve recently sent you a card via the Court Welfare office in order for them to check it for having not written anything bad in it . Whatever bad is ?!. The system of the letter or card writing exists so that you don’t forget about us and you are more familiar with us when we see you on our 3 visits in any 12month period. Yes just sending our love as usual. A love that’s always there. A love that fills and drives me forward. A love that excites me especially when I’m near you and we are able to play. These moments when I’m able to play with you , climb on the climbing frames and roll around on the floor and just having marvellous electrifying laughter and fun oow I’m glad I’ve had these experiences with you , like on Douglas seafront. Like in Port Erin. 🥰. You are special xx.

My little one , I do miss you lots . I can imagine you sitting beside me whilst watching films , yes I can only imagine, I dream that one day this will happen . It would be just great to have you that close  and all snuggled up or even you just leaning into me, shoulder to shoulder. 😊.  I recently had moments this week with little Alfie , who is your youngest step brother. He’s a sweetheart and reminds both grandma and myself of you when you that age.

Remembering one of our conversations about films you like. I remember you saying you liked ‘ angry birds’ , I expect you like lots of different films. Do you like the ‘ Home alone ‘ films ? , they are good for a laugh 😂. I think some of my favourite films are the “ Transformers “ films , there’s something about the metal gladiators & autobots I love.  In fact I like lots of different films as long as they are not Blinking Zombie or gory and really scary films.

Well my Munchkin I hope you’re day is super fantastic 👌💫💫.

I hope we can resume our special connection soon .

Love you lots

Grandad Adrian ❤️

Saturday August 3rd 2019 . Time 6pm

*** edited, messed with, turned upside down, hehe ! .

🌟“All words written in my own experiences “🌟


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