Hi ya my little mate x

Hi ya Alex ,

hope your school holidays is going to start with excitement! . I hope dearly you have a fabulous time and that you’re immediate family have things planned for you.  I’ve recently ordered my and our  Newcastle United Home Black and White striped shirt. Yes so it’s our 7th shirt and it’ll have number 9 on it, 9 because it’s your 9th Birthday soon, well actually 21st September and we see you on the 28th!!! Amazing 😘🥰😍❤️.

I say our shirts, that one day you might want them but on the other hand you might not want them, you being a Chelsea fan! 😊.

I’m looking so much to seeing you again. I can’t wait. I just hope the weather is Super duper!! . Our last visit to share your fabulous company, we had great weather. Port Erin was so lovely in the 🌞 sun.

Yes the weather helps as we can play outside, it’s not the same in the rain, mind you if it’s warm it wouldn’t be so bad . Just being with you is awesome. My feelings for you haven’t gone away in the nearly 6 years you’ve lived in Isle of Man 🇮🇲. Love is love 💕. Feelings are feelings, they are not going away. You make me smile , you make me glow with your love ❤️.

I’ m currently resting my knees as there’s something not quite right with them, I’ve an ice pack on them at the moment. I’ve had to put my Blast Boot Camp sessions on hold for a while until  I get to the bottom of my problems. This decision didn’t come easy and actually it was this time last week i fell the pieces in an emotional state were I thought my Boot Camp days were over. Now that wasn’t a nice thought. I love my sessions with boys. They are such good spirited guys. We are all the same boat wanting to get fitter and having FUN with it. This class also is my very first class that’s been all men . With all classes before like in Yoga , 99% being women, line dancing us men are out numbered again.

Although my new line dance class on a Tuesday there are thankfully more men! . Yes I don’t feel as on edge. Actually this new class is ace. I feel so at home here. With a good mix of people, oh yes I’m home. Bliss!. 💖. The dance style is country & western so that’s good for me as I love country music, it’s moves within me like nothing else. Well you know I’m sure I’ve spoke about it before!😂😘.

Well my Munchkin I’m here today to say I love ya and miss ya. You have a fabulous evening and next few days until I write again , enjoy your holidays xxxx

Wednesday 24th July 2019

Time 8pm .

All words written in my own EXPERIENCE’S

edited/ altered/ messed with/ deleted sections/ ***



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