Our Glorious visit to Iom 22/6/ 19

Hi My Dear Friends.

This post is long over due. Our last visit to spend three blessed hours with our treasured little Ace, our grandson Alex.

Yes My Dear Friends we had an extra hour with our little Grandson. Blinking Marvellous!. The time just flew.The extra time was just great.

We met our little Ace  as he ran into Grandma’s arms and side stepped to me and gave me a huge hug. We met in Port Erin and visited the steam railway museum, the visit in the museum was short lived but Alex managed to have a little play of hide and seek. Blinking Beautiful.

From There our court welfare officer suggested perhaps to try one or two parks in the local area.

firstly we tried the larger of the two with a stream flowing through and beautiful parkland of trees . There was a Big stainless steel slide !  Oh Alex and I had some Fun on this , firstly Alex went flying down and I thought the hell to this I’m going down. It was a little scary as it’s a long slide, Hey if I can finish 2018 “Total Warrior “ I can do this and of course I wanted to play as much as I can with  Alex❤️🌟. The slide was positioned between two different levels of ground in the Parkland. It was at least 20ft long and steep! , so fast too! Fantastic Fun had! To be honest a little knackering too . Then we tried the other apparatus ,like balance bars and ropes!. And swings!.

From there we traveled or walked to a crazy golf place but it was closed. We decided to walk to the village and more importantly the ice cream parlour. Alex had a double flavoured being toffee flavour ice Cream and I had a mango and raspberry, Grandma had strawberry flavour and our guide / social worker had Eaton mess I think!.

Oow I saw the beach through the window and it looked ever so appealing to me and said let’s go to the beach and go paddling  after our ice creams.

So we all walked across which was only a few paces.

Oow it was fabulous. Yes I dared to take off my shoes and socks and entered to cool waters . The water was so blue unlike our waters that are all brown and murky. I started jumping the small wave like ripples and Alex followed me in . We had a fabulous time Jumping the waves 🌊. This fun which I’d not had in a long time . Golden memories. Alex tried splashing me through bending down cupping the water in his hand  splashing me , of course I had to return the offerings !😂. Class moments, beautiful moments. **Oh my gosh I’m gonna have to tell you this , once decided to leave the water because poor little Alex’s bottom of  shorts had got wet from being splashed .. err I think.. yes blame me!! . We walked over to find some warm dry sand in order to get dry.Now that was a bit of an ordeal walking and tip toeing across pebbles and more pebbles, now that was a challenge!.

once we found ‘ oh the lovely dry warm sand i sat down and continued to dry my feet. I allowed the sun to dry some of the excess dampness off my legs and feet because I had no towel. Whilst I was waiting (Oow this is it what I want to tell you!!❤️) I pulled Alex onto my lap. Now you might think so blinking what ! is that it !?, well , as I pulled Alex down he ended up on my lap. And for a few minutes he lay there not wanting to move. As I held him gently. What a moment ❤️🌟👍.**

From there,

We walked from the beach to the local shops and went into one or two.

Shortly after this we left Alex in the same place he arrived in with the social worker.

We are hopefully going to see him again in late September.

looking forward to this .

Until next time .

Enjoy the rest of your glorious summer 👍🌟.

lots of love.

Grandad Supersonic.

4th July 2019 ( Thursday)

time 11pm

All words written in my own experiences x

** added too Friday 5th July 2019.time 3:30am .


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