Dare to connect x

(April sometime ). Hi there ,

Its Thursday evening on a mixed bag of weather sort of day. The final daylight is going from my eyes.

I’ve been thinking of “Daring to connect “ to the little people around me. Mmm .. I ponder this , struggling to let go and be playful with the children around me.

Its a strange one because it’s not the same with every case . I think if a child warms to me that’s half the battle. A child that wants to play and share also wants to react in a playful manner , making things with play dough –  creating things with Lego is another pastime that fore fills my playful heart as well as for my children around me , especially our little Nathan, oh excellent times .

Sunday 19th May 2019 time 9:30 pm.

These words have been on hold for some time, some weeks I fact.

These few words written could be used in the concept of other people around me. Yes Daring to connect!. Some people are easy to warm to , others are a bit more difficult.

Does this depend on your state of mind at that particular moment or even hour or day depending on how long you’ve held onto this emotional state. Yes I think so. Time to let go , relax and enjoy who I am . Own my own sense of worth. Believe in me , yes a big one but with practice and repetition I’m sure this will happen.

A few people around lately have said ‘ I’m ok , things will happen for the better. They seem to see me as a bright soul loving to learn and taste life . I’d  say YES to this , though I’ve had negative times and banishing these has been tough. I’ve had glimpses of sparkles within and that’s  a good start. These people who have walked through life , tasting their lives with every mouth watering desire.Standing firm of their convictions , their desires , there loves. Yes making mistakes I guess but it’s how you hold your fear in these situations. Holding it with a strong heart , a strong love. I’m looking to getting back on track.

I love my journey and I thank all people around me who want to make a difference to my life , people who think I’m ok . Sending you a massive hug.

The time now for love , laughter, fun from my deepest parts of me. Jumping and skipping with glee💖💯 oow Yes , looking forward to feeling these moments.

Giving something to someone in my own community is an aim of mine . To help someone who just needs a little help is a good start for igniting my soul. I had low moments before Christmas where I was so close to phoning the Samaritans. My thoughts on this are if I can help someone who felt as low as that , this would be a MASSIVE BLESSING 🙏🏻💖💫. There’s much work to do before I get to that stage but it’s a goal I guess !.😀 Something to aim for. One or two people have asked ‘what is my desire, my life purpose? Geez whiz, I couldn’t answer them . I honestly didn’t have a clue?!. I guess I’m still searching for that answer, all I know is I love helping people and giving my love. I can connect in passion and deliver goodness to peoples lives. If I can help people, this would be good.

My first step is to drive forward in my career of landscaping and water gardening. Creating more work in our water landscaping venture of

Blue Skies Eco AquaScapes. A company Stewart my friend and I have set up that specialises in renovating old outdoor swimming pools into “ living natural swimming pools”.

New venture are us 😘😀!.

Anyway My Dear Friends I’m going to love you and leave you , until next time ENJOY YOUR LIFE.

(All words written in my own experiences)

Amazing love


time 10;10 pm Sunday 19th May 2019

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