New Beginings x

Hi all ,

including my Bright star 🌟 living in Isle of Man 🇮🇲.

We have a Blue Sky day and purely amazing day , though bitterly cold.

The news on the western front is all positive, all fresh and new after months of uncertainty for my sister Louise’s future life living a supported life. It’s finally happened. After 3 weeks trial in a “supported living”care home in Southport , our home town.

Yes it’s been a happy time for Louise, with care on hand all the time and her own space if she requires it. It’s a huge relief to the family that she’s in safe hands. The staff in the home are brilliant with her as well as the other residents.

So it’s good on the western front.

Back to my life .

Its now Sunday 28th April @ 12:30 pm.

Sitting here in my living room thinking of things to say. Firstly I could do with a bite to eat. I’ve been looking at some of my most recent posts

and I’m not sure on anything right now. Yes the sun is shining, yes I have my health and keep pushing for a positive life . Positive living hey! , it’s doesn’t come naturally but with changing my mind set into thinking positive. Yes I use to think oh yes ‘ think positive!, if you’re not use to it it’s going to take lots of diligence to notice when I’m not doing it !! . To take the power within me to take action in being positive.

Hells bells !, I’m not talking about it anymore. Just take action Adrian 💫👍👊.

Have a good folks 😊🙏🏻🌍

Hot Love From me in this small village in Lancashire on the west coast of England .

Adrian Supersonic xx

sunday 28th April 2019

edited etc ….. **

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