Momentous moments x

Hi My Beautiful People!.

Yeah !  I’m here again oow ! Twice in one day. Is that good or not ?. Well that depends on if you like my posts or not?😀 … Hopefully there’s a few of you that actually read my posts but if there isn’t anyone and I’m talking to myself, well what’s new😂.  It’s good to write and hopefully someone somewhere in the world, even it’s just one person it’s worth while. Hopefully my Munchkin when he comes of age will wish to read these pages, if only to learn a little about his “Step Grandad “. Yes me , of non of my blood inside him .

Yes not related in that kind of way but connected in a human, loving , caring sort of way. A way that touched me in way that ripped my heart open when I couldn’t see or have normal contact with him.

One of the main reasons for writing again today is to express my feelings about the visiting Liverpool City Centre on Good Friday to be entertained by my favourite of the moment Danni Nicholls. Yes she’s playing at Heavens Gate , 81 Renshaw Street. Destination near the Adelphi Hotel, not far from Mount Pleasant.

This is very much an momentous moment for me. I will have the support of my Brother Roger on the evening. Hopefully, emotionally nothing will take hold , apart from Danni’s music.

The point I’m getting to is I had a major split in a relationship With a girl who lived in South Liverpool back in the mid to late 80’s. This ripped my life apart BUT looking back now or even years ago , it was a blessing it happened.Life is a series of stepping stones, you can take path ‘A’ and get strawberries or Take path ‘B’ which will give you something totally different. No wrong path , just different experiences, different loves ! If we hadn’t of split I certainly wouldn’t be here now doing what I’m doing and I just love the people around me and the people I’ve come across on my personal Growth Journey. Since then I’ve learned a lot about myself, which is good. Lately since I’ve been going through a personal inward journey helped by my “out this world councellor “, I’ve learned even more about myself, so I’m thankful to My counsellor for her help and inspiration. I am not ashamed to say I have help with my life, sometimes we all have moments in our lives we need help , it’s up to YOU TO ASK FOR HELP !. So this is going to be the first time since around 1990 that I’ve travelled to the city centre.

My Brother was there for me back in those days and he is now. Cool hey !.

Mmm. Not sure if I’m going to touch on the ins and outs of my time with this girl but there a odd post on here which touches some parts of it .

Come on Liverpool, bring it on !.

I’m not saying I haven’t been to Liverpool because I’ve been to football matches at Anfield and Goodison!.

Hey my time here on this planet 🌍 is Fabulous at the moment , so there’s nothing to stop me From having a truly amazing evening on this Friday coming.💕💯percent.

I’m going to love you and leave you

Here for you if you personally want to chat , err , don’t be nervous! 💕.

Hot Love From me

Adrian a lover of life xxx

edited time and date

10 pm Saturday 13th April 2019 .

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