Hi to the positive speaking world! X

Hi Alex

Hope your up to loads of fun times .I wonder exactly what your up to ?.

You’ll be off for the Easter holidays I expect, our other grandchildren , your cousins and step brothers are off school and nursery.

Infact we have you cousin Nathan here along with your step brothers Alfie and Sam!. Sam and Nathan are playing outside and making all sorts of noise.But that’s typical of Nathan, he’s the noisiest kid around!😂.

Today I’m feeling pretty tired and just chilling at the moment and writin* these few words.

The sun is shining today although blitterly cold out of the sun , in the sun it’s quite pleasant.

The week ahead looks good with me going to Liverpool on Friday evening to watch my favourite Americana country singer Danni Nicholls. I am so looking forward to this evening. My Brother Roger is coming too .  Before this I have my friend Dave  who now lives in Newquay, Cornwall coming to Town (Southport). We’ll be spending time with one another. Oow it’s been some years since Dave and his wife entered my life . I can’t give you the exact year but possibly around 1982 or something near to this. Dave ran the T-Rex Appreciation Society, which was base in Southport.I wrote to him (no mobile phones back in those days!) as in those days I loved Marc Bolan and probably still do but certainly not as Bolan crazy as I use to be. Although when I went to the T-Rexasty evening back just before Christmas last, the magic came back – blinking brilliant.Cool times ahead. The Toon won last night too against Leicester 0:1 . Puts us on 38 points.

Things looking up then . We have our date to see you Alex again on 22nd June  and an extra hour to spend with you , which will be our first in our 3 hour slots of playful moments. Fabulous times ahead❤️🙏🏻💫. Thank you Mum for helping us come to a fabulous conclusion x.

Love to all my friends here and now wherever you are xxxx

Adrian Supersonic


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saturday 13th April 2019 time 2:15pm

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