Here in Castletown x

Yes , we’ve landed in Isle of Man and sitting in a cafe in Castletown. Sheer bliss waiting to see our Beautiful Munchkin.

Weather was sunny when we landed but now cloudy and chilly , well we are on the coast!😁👍.

We spoke to the most amazing woman of the day in the car hire office. Very bright and bubbly! Excellent!😁👍🌟. Definitely a sparkly moment!.

further updates later , thanks my dear friends 😁

love Ade xx

March 2nd Saturday 10.12am.

Hi back again after our lovely visit with our Grandson and time spent in  Castle Rushen in Castletown, Isle of Man.

We had a little adventure called The Dragon Egg Hunt. It was the first opening of the new season and there was plenty of young families involved. Oh heck there was a little of a panicky situation for me when we had go up a 100 step spiral staircase within the castle walls.I thought how high are we going here? , Yikes!! And me with my fear of heights!🤪. I did it . It wasn’t that bad afterall! Thew!! .

Our challenge was to gather the right number of points at the end of the trail by looking for clues and answering questions. Each answer had numbers attached to them .We were slightly out on the correct number but we a little help from the lead man in charge on the walk through the Castle.  Alex got his treat at the end , some sweets . Arh Bless him .

Our time in the castle was about 1hour , then we spent the rest of our allocated time in Costa Coffee shop ( Alex’s choice). Spent time chatting, blissful ❤️. Then it became time to say goodbye to our little Alex. He’s happy to see us with a warm hug to Grandma and also happy to leave .❤️. Cool 😁.

Since then we’ve been for lunch at Cafe Bar 2 6 , which came recommended to us . Now we are in our usual haunt of the The Whitestone Hotel ( pub) . Our flight is at 7:05 this evening which is the only flight off the island.

Oh Guys it’s been fabulous to see our Grandson again and great writing about our time here.

Love to you all

Adrian Supersonic! 😁👍😘

Time 3:50pm

delection section 😁👍.

All written in my own EXPERIENCES .👍



  • Andy says:

    Great to hear your spending time with Alex!

    • Adrian Hayton says:

      Hi Andy, thanks for saying so. Beautiful two hours. A little bit restricted on what I could do. I really wanted my inner child to come out and play but I’m afraid it didn’t. Hey maybe another time. Things looking good for the future too mate😁👌❤️

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