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Hi Guys

Its Sunday morning and it’s looking lovely out there.

I thought I’d bring up you to speed or give you a bit of clarity as there’s one or two people out that have just starting to follow these pages.

mmm, this might be difficult to describe.

I can say we are at  place in time where by we are having contact with our alienated Grandson . Next Saturday is our last in the first three supervised visits to Isle of Man 🇮🇲. This is where our little Munchkin lives.

I can say we have fought our way emotionally , courageously and financially. And would do it again and again until the end of my days.

To experience the wonders of our little Grandson whilst he was growing up in his first three years was amazing. Our closeness with him was amazing , he brought so much happiness to our lives. He stayed with us for quite a lot of his early years ( well his first 3!). Purely an amazing experience, pure gentleness , pure wonders to be had.😘.

Because of a break up between mum and dad and threatening behaviour  our little one was moved away by his mum and her family.

Yes it was abrupt sequence of events in our life at the time. But our little boy has turned out even more wonderful. ALTHOUGH it was a massive heartbreaking experience in our lives, it’s turned out be the (in my EXPERIENCE) right move by his mums family. ( I wouldn’t of said that at the time but after time and life moves on things become a little clearer- some people Change, some don’t) .WHAT I CAN SAY , IT COULD’VE BEEN HANDLED WAY BETTER THAN IT WAS !. The Abruptness of it all and all the **bad & upsetting vibes that were flying on both sides it became a right mess , **there is no need for this sort of aggressive behaviour.** NO consideration was given for the little boy in the middle of all this.** Yes he was only 3 years old but he knew we loved him and didn’t want to leave us on many occasions.  you can say it was safe guarding the child but in the way it was done was unbelievable! .** In my experience we were treated like monsters!. added to ‘ ( I can hold my hands up and say sorry for my part in stress that I may of caused , if any at all !,  but hey they where really stressful & emotional times. It’s  in the past now and in my world the past stays firmly in the past . EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY, A NEW BEGINNING ❤️🌟.🙏🏻

well I’m going to leave you there. Today is a bright new day and it’s waiting for me .

Enjoy your day folks

Hot love from me

Adrian xxx

Sunday 24th February 2019 💫time  10:25 am

🌟All words written in my own experiences 🌟

** deleted information. Added too 🧐 Etc.🧐😄

** removed section about hurting Grandparents 👍

I know I still get ridiculed for the things I put on this site ** but if your bothering to look, hey that but counts you being interested!❤️

* revised 9 times, just so you know!😘

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