3 Beautiful weeks before we see you again xx

Hello my little fellow,

its Saturday morning , I’m down stairs watching or rewatching “Heartland “ season 6, episode 9 , really quite good 😁👍.

Grandma is relaxing upstairs , she’ll probably be playing a mind word game on her tablet.

I’m currently quite happy, turning one of the many corners in life😁. Working on myself, gently . It seems I’ve always had whatever it takes, the inner strength. I’m working on loving myself unconditionally. Yes with enormous help from my books I’ve had sleeping on my bookshelves for ages. There’s an enormous wealth of love , understanding and teacher guiding student through the horizons , new ways of thinking and living a fruitful life. The authors of these two main books I’m reading are the wonderful Susan Jeffers PhD and Louise Hay. Louises book ‘ ‘The power is within you’ is well dusted off and being reread again and Susan’s book’ End the struggle and dance with life ‘ . Yes, very very good.

This week Alex , we’ve had your little step brothers staying with us , well their whole family really!!!. Oh my word little Alfie is amazing, he reminds me so much of you.  Now he started waving goodbye to me when I go out of the front door. This is just what you use to do whilst being held in your mummies arms. I use to go to work in the mornings with the glowing love and fondest memories of your  happy, smiling face .

Well my beautiful Alex we’ll see you in 3 weeks ( 2nd March) time in our last of the set out 3 sessions over a period of 12 months. 🙏💖 Now time has come to pray for good news in new visiting sessions!.

Hot love to you, keep on striving forward in Fun and laughter .

From my heart to yours ,

Grandad Adrian 👍😁🌟❤️

Love – Trust- Truth

edited / time


Saturday February 9th 2019

bright, cloudy ⛅️ day xx

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