Birthday Treat x

Hello Alex,

Just thought  I’d send a few words to you to inform of the little treat I’ve had for myself. Yes a treasured two days in Hurst Green, a small village just outside Clitheroe in the small frosted hills of Lancashire 🇬🇧.

We visited Clitheroe yesterday, it was lovely, cold and crisp. Just Great to get away from the normality. We opened the doors in the large Bowland food hall , yes fabulous to look around.

Grandma found a shop she took to immediately , a material shop called “Patches and Buttons “. It was like heaven for her. Grandma couldn’t help herself, she did have to buy some material 😂😊.

We had a pleasant stay at The Shireburn Arms Hotel, Although Grandma was cold of the evening in our room. The heating definitely wasn’t on. The hotel made up for it last night being Saturday night ( 2nd February 19 .) Yes the heating was well and truly on.  This stay away was a delightful treat for my 55th Birthday.

Hope life is treating you all well and my Bright little Grandson Alex , Have a super week ahead!.

Love you as usual

From my Heart to yours

Grandad Adrian xx

Sunday  3rd February 2019 time 8:25 pm.

altered / edited **time & date , oh yes !😘

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