Good afternoon people ! X

Hi and welcome once again to A Grandad’s Journey!.

I’m bringing my good vides to you on this yucky wet Tuesday of greyness. Yes the forecast for our glorious weather is rain and snow I believe, oh heck I don’t want the snow nor the wet stuff !. I want pure Blue Skies  and a crispsness of air. Oh yes these days make my soul sing. Hoping your Sky is so bright and blue , meaning your life !.

I thought I’d touch on the opening page of the journal site where I’ve spoke about avoiding places I use to visit with our little Ace.

Yes I am talking about the page called “ Start Here”.

I am pleased to inform you I’ve moved from this so I might look at editing these few words , yes even more words edited and made new again with new Sparkles. I no longer hurt like this , i now rejoice in the love I have with our litte but growing Grandson.

32 days and counting before we see you again on Isle of Man 🇮🇲 soil my Dear little Man.  Hope you are looking forward to seeing us like we are  you.

Keep the faith

Have a great day my Dear Grandson and to all who are reading these pages❤️.

from my Heart

Grandad Adrian



Tuesday 29th January 2019 time 4:50 pm.




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