Oh my gosh! Kip Moore Uk tour sold out .


Kip Moore , Country, Soulful Rock 🌟.


Hi My Dear Alex And Friends United!..

Oh my Gosh I can’t believe it , recently I’ve found out that Kip Moore is touring the Uk 🇬🇧 this Spring and blow me he’s Sold out !. I just Can’t believe it !!.

Pretty sad about it but I guess there’ll be other times , I live in Hope. Oh yes I do . I have Faith i’ll See him in the future!.

I do have “LANCO” I can see at Manchester Academy in May. So I might book this tomorrow! Hey ho . Rock on , My Brother Roger will pop along with me . Cool x

Well Munchkin of my life , shall I talk to you as your reading this as a young man or from the prospective of the little fellow we know now , mmmm. Just going talk to you with love , that’s all I can do. You are totally amazing. Totally a fabulous young boy full of intrigue , Fun , joy, laughter, skill, promise , intelligence. Totally You .😘🌟.

Grandma and myself are totally loving you and going to be writing you a Card that has been promised to you for January. Hopefully you’ll receive it soon.

Until then our little bundle of joy. Enjoy your moments x

From our Hearts

Grandad Adrian and Grandma Sue


January 7th 2019

Edited ** time and date

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