2018 Reflections x

One of the best achievements of my life x

Hello Alex and all my amazing friends, new ones I’ve made this year in my Worlds of Boot Camp, Yoga, Linedancing, personal Growth , Country Music .

My amazing existing and long standing Friends in all the above circles plus football folk, customers who have a special sense of awareness. My wife and family who have supported me through the year . My friends at work who we have a great laugh and look at life and the natural world we live in.

We often put the world to rights. We miss our chats and debates with a great young man who worked briefly for me in the later part of 2017/ early 18 . His name is Kyle . They where Often times of heated discussions between Kyle and Our Stewart , which certainly sparked the day into action. What a Guy Kyle is. Kyle sadly left us and went back to his previous employer, boo! .😂

Working alongside Stewart this year, especially helping him turn an old 1970s tiled outside swimming pool into a delightful oasis where by people can swim with fish in crystal clear water. Amazing.

Attending The “Total warrior assault course “ in Shap , Cumbria was an amazing day with my Boot Camp boys and the families that supported us that day! . Truly amazing! 😊💫. Yes I’ve had slight injuries from doing this event which in hindsight I probably wasn’t fit enough or should I say I hadn’t practiced hill running before!. The Ice bath ‘ , now that was an experience, blinking freezing 🥶 and the fire walls we had to jump. Our little group of, Terry , Keith and I supported one another. I am very glad I attended the event.

I did think that my year was going to end a fashion I’ve not been accustomed too for a long time. Yes in a down mood.

life is good thanks to Susan my lovely wife (your Grandma !, Alex ) *** and thanks to my friend Richie and new acquaintance Gillian – my counsellor.!. ** Blinking  Heck , Richie or his Wife Sally made me LAUGH today with something they told me. I better not say what it is but it had the word Horny in it !. So blinking Funny! . I needed a good belly laugh and that was it!😘.

I’ve recently attended a new to me Line dance group that meet up once a month in Parbold , Lancashire. The group of amazing and friendly people are all helped and organised by Jo’ Wild, I certainly had a great afternoon.

Anyway My lovely little Alex , I hope Father Christmas brought you Everything you asked for. Was it really exciting ?, So what did you get in your Christmas sack? .

Gosh it was also the most beautiful amazing days We’ve had this year visiting you in The Isle of Man 🇮🇲. In July when we ‘Grandma and myself ‘ came over, the weather was perfect. Really Hot as it was back in the UK. Truly an amazing time spending time with you on the play grounds on Douglas Sea Front. Playing, rolling around with you in the Sun , Such FUN times. And again in November, a bit cooler then and wetter, blinking Winters, who said they could come along and try and spoil our Fun ! 😘 . It didn’t happen, we loved our time with you in Douglas Museum. To see the size of the Irish Giant 🦌Deer. They must of been amazing to see in the flesh so to speak but then the other dinosaurs might of eaten me. Yikes! , might of been a short life for me back in those days with all those long toothed animals knocking around.😂.

Anyway my little Munchkin , My universe , Have a truly next few hours or days till I write again.

Thinking of you as always

Hot Love from Grandad Supersonic 😊😘.

Friday 28th December 2018 , time 10:30 pm.

** edited/ alter/ messed with / turned upside down, inside out!

*** edited Wednesday 2nd January 19.😜.Time 22:40 😜 after watching my beloved Toon get beat by Man Utd 2nil at St’James Park. Not looking good for the Toon ❤️.


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